Biblical Truths of Dr. Seuss

As spring keeps approaching this time of the year,
We all want to search for a little more cheer.
So come back to church! Know you’re invited
(We hope this rhyme gets you a little excited).

For the next five weeks, we’ll hear some great stories, And see what they teach us about God’s greater glory. Get ready to rhyme, have fun, and break loose — We’ll hear biblical truths from our dear Dr. Seuss!

April 28: The Lorax (Creation Care/Earth Week)
Isaiah 65:17-19, 23-28

May 5: Horton Hears a Who! (Everyone is valued, important)
Romans 12:3-8

May 12: Green Eggs and Ham
Acts 10:9-16

May 19: Oh, the Places You’ll go! (Graduating Students Sunday)
Phil 4:10-14; James 4:13-16

May 26: The Sneetches
Luke 4:14-21

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