September/October 2018 Worship Series

The Art of Neighboring

It’s the second half of the Great Commandment – to love our neighbor as ourselves. But more and more, there is no real difference between how Christians engage their neighborhood and how anyone else does. What if Jesus actually meant what he said, when he invites us to love our neighbors? What does this look like? Who are your neighbors? Do you know them? Do you love them?

Sept 9
Won’t you be my neighbor?
Matthew 22:34-40
What does it mean, to love our neighbor as ourselves? Jesus says it’s the second most important commandment we can follow. We’ll take a look at what it means, while also learning some wisdom from one of the neighborliest of neighbors, Mr. Fred Rogers.

Sept 16
Stranger to Neighbor
Luke 5:27-32
When we allow ourselves to build relationships with all of our neighbors and when we open our lives and our homes to one another, miraculous things happen. Great times of celebration can be had by all, and everyone can experience God’s love in new ways.

Sept 23
The Fear Factor
Numbers 13:17-20, 25-33
It is amazing how scared and overwhelmed we can become when we strive to be neighbors. Being vulnerable with others and sharing our lives with other people is overwhelming at times, but when we allow fear to rule our decisions, we always miss out on what God has in store for us.

Sept 30
Matthew 5:13-16

Sept 7
Art of Receiving
Luke 7:36-38
Relationships aren’t one-sided. Serving and doing is important work – but what can you receive and learn from others? God

Sept 14
Better Together
Romans 12:3-10
We are meant to live as neighbors with one another. We need the gifts and the abilities of other people to be the community and world that God created us to be. Valuing one another and seeking to accept the truth that we need one another is a great vision into God’s reign here on Earth.


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