Harry Potter Sermon Series

July 28
Theme:  We run from God’s call, often for trivial or bad reasons, or fear.
Scripture:  Jonah 3:1-5

Aug. 4
Theme:  We get caught up in desires, which don’t satisfy us.  All you need is Love.
Scripture:  I Corinthians 13

Aug. 11
Theme:  Dumbledore’s character is based on Jesus’ character:  Compassion, humility, forgiving, and filled with Grace.
Scripture:  Matthew 23:1-12

Aug. 18
Theme:  It takes big goals and big efforts to accomplish big things.
Scripture:  I Corinthians 9:24-27

Aug. 25
Follow God and keep checking your compass.  It’s easy to get pointed in the wrong direction.
Scripture:  Psalm 119

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